To provide the best and latest in education, and create good citizens for the future.

At Litera valley Zee School, our resolute determination is to never settle for anything less than the best. We provide the best in infrastructure, technology, and facilities and right within the first year of operation, we were 200-student strong. Which led the school to bag the Best School Award in 2011. And no, we are not ones to rest on our laurels at all. Much as we were thrilled by the honour, the school management decided to build upon the accomplishments of the first year to better and greater heights. Now, the school houses over 1500 students, with more scheduled to join us soon. We know that this has been a reward for clear vision and well-defined goals. The management has always been proven to provide the best and the latest in technology. Every classroom has been smartly equipped with Interactive White Boards from Ireland. Additionally, the ActivInspire software is designed to provide extra resources for use by the teachers.


To keep abreast of things, every teacher is regularly trained in the use of software, hardware, and the unique teaching methodology. Extensive teacher training programs are facilitated to ensure that the facilitators are both up-to-date and on par with the latest educational phenomena that’s in use, worldwide. Training programs ranging from technological, subject-based, ICT (including Microsoft Educational Training), personality development and soft skills development are organized methodically to groom the teachers. With Microsoft tools and free resources, technology is given utmost importance at Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur. With Microsoft tools, the faculty can prepare, teach, assess, track, and analyze better and faster. This way, they divert more time to focus on the most important aspect – the students.

For we believe in the credo - ‘Innovate or Perish’. Furthermore, we know that only a knowledgeable and content person will be able to facilitate and assure successful transfer of knowledge.


Sports facilities at Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur are commendable and on par with international championship facilities. The tennis and basketball courts are of US standards, and the swimming pool is half of an Olympic-sized one. Volleyball, throwball, table tennis, carrom, chess are just a few of the sports facilities available. Yoga is mandatory for all the students and staff to ensure mental fitness and energy. We believe that the journey has just begun – the journey of students beginning to explore and discover their potential, the journey of the school being able to prove that we are indeed on the right track of enabling the students to prove their potential and enjoy the process of learning. Education after all is a fun and lifelong process!


Our motto is simple: Achieving Excellence Together.