Co-Scholastic Activities

“Everything is theoretically impossible, until it’s done” – Robert A Heinlein

At Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur, we show you how it’s done!

The Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur encourages children to participate actively in a wide variety of activities. While many term these activities as ‘Extra’ curricular, we prefer to use the term ‘co-scholastic’ or ‘co-curricular’ activities, since learning is incomplete without the inclusion of such activities.

There is a perfect balance of joy in learning and learning with understanding, when activities such as Sport, Art, Dance, Yoga, Drama, Craft, etc are included as part of the compulsory curriculum of a child. A child who is good in sport, very quickly understands the science and math behind playing better shots, thus automatically understanding better the concepts of angles and velocity in class. More importantly, the enjoyment that a child derives from participating in a co-curricular activity is critical to free the mind to understand academic concepts better.

No activity is deemed more or less important than any other, and children are encouraged to participate in ALL activities. This is the only way that a child can discover his/ her unique potential, and be well-versed in all areas. Holistic development is not merely a theoretical feel-good concept, but a practical reality at the Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur.