“Education is that whole system of human training within and without the school walls, which moulds and develops men.” – W. E. du Bois

A school is defined more by its students and teachings than by its buildings and teachers. Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur, established in 2010 has made history time and again with its cutting edge technology in education, tempered with the humanitarian mother’s care for all children.

Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur was started in 2010 with nothing more than a vision – a vision to provide the best in education to the community in Hosur. The proprietors undertook the mammoth task of constructing the school buildings within 6 months, and the heretofore rocky hillock took on shape to house the hallowed classrooms in which almost 1000 students today enjoy their learning.

The sheer determination to not compromise and to provide the best in infrastructure, technology and facilities saw more than 200 students enrolling in the school the very first year. This also helped the school bag the Best School Award in 2011. Rather than rest on a job well-started, the school management decided to build upon the accomplishments of the first year.

The second year 2011-2012 saw the introduction of Robotics, through an association with Lego International, USA. The school also entered into a partnership with the Gakken Academy of Japan for its Science programs, bringing science concepts to life by real-life applications, to the basic understanding level of a primary school student. The Astronomy Club was also launched the same year, and the students found learning more interesting and fun.

The academic year 2011-2012 also saw the first of its kind International Robotics, Science and Math Expo (IRSME), which was the show case of the children’s achievements throughout the year. This Expo won accolades for the school and enabled the students to develop the life skills of confidence and public speaking.

The vision of the management has always been to provide the best and the latest in technology in all forms of educational aids. Every classroom is equipped with Interactive White Boards, imported from Ireland, UK. The ActivInspire software is designed to provide additional resources for use by the teachers. Every teacher is also continuously trained in the use of the software, the hardware, and the unique teaching methodology.

Sports facilities are on par with the international championship facilities. The tennis and basketball courts are of US standards, and the swimming pool is half-Olympic size. Volleyball, throwball, table tennis, carrom, chess are only few of the other sports available here. Yoga is mandated for all the students and staff to ensure mental fitness and energy.

The third of the school’s history saw its students shine in various fields. The Budding Scientist Contest had almost 70% of registrations from the entire school, and the entries were varied and innovative. The school had 2 shortlisted students in each category proceeding to the National Level of the contest.

An inter-school quiz competition televised by Zee Network also saw the students of Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur qualifying for the national level rounds to be held in Mumbai.

The fourth year of the school was monumental in the students’ lives. The first ever trip* to NASA, Houston, USA was organised by the school, and Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur has since had the proud privilege of mentoring the youngest Space School graduates from the NASA Space School at Houston, Texas, USA. The two-week long program had children enjoy a week of Space School, and also visit the famous Capitol and Niagara Falls, and of course, Disneyland!

This year also saw the children come alive on stage with a larger than life stage for their Expo performance and cultural evening. It was literally an evening to Go MADD, with Music, Art, Dane and Drama.

The fifth year was a breakthrough in mainstream academia, when the school put doubting minds to rest, with the first batch of Std X passing in flying colours. The strong foundation built and developed over the years in Math, Science, Language and Robotics, ensured that the students found the Board Exam a cakewalk. Projects in hydroponics and organic farming also took shape, with the students showing a keen interest in growing their kitchen gardens.

Year 6 was yet another feather in our caps, with the breakthrough of book content on tablet PCs. The launch of tablets for the use by children in the school is an indication of a replacement of the cumbersome textbooks in the very near future. Tablets were used throughout the school, right from the Pre-Primary classes to make learning fun, interactive and more immediate.

We believe that the journey has just begun – the journey of students beginning to explore and discover their potential, the journey of the school being able to prove that we are indeed on the right track of enabling the students to prove their potential, and enjoy the process of learning. Education is after all, fun, and goes on life-long!